Tuesday, 12 June 2001

The Waters Of Mars

Russel T Davis confirmed in a press release that this episode would air sometime around November, which still doesn't rule out a Halloween Doctor Who episode. Quite around up of filming has been caught on camera by Alun.Vega and Scooty. So a big thanks to them for feeding us with our doctor who spoilers. Take a look below to see some of the videos and pictures taken.

Waters Of Mars Trailer HD

Break Down Of Trailer:
Here's the team.
Water coming of his hands- strange.
Good that window was there.

The rumours are that the episode will be shown on the 28th November, but we may still be in store for a Doctor Who Halloween special.

They look scary. The Doctor said that things were going to get darker.
Some sort of green house in Mars maybe.

Onset Filming:
Some sort of huge explosion!
Another explosion!

Tennant in his orange suit.
More fire
Is The Doctor running away from the explosion?
Looks very exciting!
Is that a robot I see?

More filming:
Theres one of the Doctor's one of companions peaking his head out.
Is this the robot from the explosion?
The robot meets the crew.
Here he is again- looks very friendly.
Whats the Doctor looking at?
The Doctor's one off companions.
Look at all the equiptment needed to film a scene.

Arh! Thats more like it. The Doctor pointing his sonic screw driver.
Does he look suprised.

Who that? Ood Sigma? Why is he here? The Doctor's watcher maybe?

It looks very exciting with the strange water people and all the explosions. You carn't forget the Ood and the robot- I wonder how they all fit into this?

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