Saturday, 9 May 2009

10 Facts About Donna Noble

Not much news recently so I have decided to do a few fact files on some of the main Doctor Who Characters; today I present Donna Noble:-

1) Donna Noble is a secretary from Chiswick, London, who met the Doctor and became his companion for series 4.
2) She first appeared in "Doomsday" at the end of series 2, being creditied as the bride and then appeared in the second Christmas special, "The Runaway Bride" as Donna Noble.
3) Her character then reunited with the Doctor in "Partners In Crime" and became the Doctors only, full-time companion of series four.
4) It was confirmed, in April 2009, that Catherine Tate would reprise her role as Donna Noble for the 2009-2010 final specials.
5) Donna worked for HC Clements in London, a security firm, which unknown to her provided a front for the Torchwood insitute until its collapse in "Doomsday", in which it was then taken over by Alien intellegience.
6) Her parents are Geoff and Sylvia Noble.
7) On the day of her wedding day she was accidently pulled into the Tardis as a result of being dosed with Huon Particles by her Fiance, on the orders of the Empress Of The Racnoss.
8) As a team Donna and The Doctor defeated the Racnoss, but she refused to travel with the Doctor when he asked her.
9) The reason for declining was because she was frighted not only by his adventures, but by the Doctor himself.
10) Her reappearence in "Partners In Crime" saw her searching for the Doctor being dissatisfied with regular life and more interested in the bigger picture, regreting her decision not to travel with the Doctor.

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