Sunday, 3 May 2009

235 Days & Counting

Carn't wait until your next Doctor Who fix? Well here is somethings to mule over. Pretty much everyone now knows David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who at the end of this year and so we should all be ready for a stunning send off- well I hope it will be stunning. Aswell as it being Tennant's last episode as the Doctor, it also marks the transition between executive producers, with RTD being replaced by Steven Moffat.

Its going to be packed. There will defiantly be regeneration, the master's return, the timelords return with the doctors mum, Donna & Bernard Cribbins return and June Whitflield Minnie Hooper. You carn't also forget the possibility the time lords have become evil, the master is the doctor's brother, a scene with all of series 4's monsters and a big ball of flames.

Now heres something to condsider; Jessica Hynes was seen signing a book called, 'A journal of inpossible things,' by Verity Newman, during filming. The cover of the book had the picture of a pocket watch on it, which have been used to keep the memorys of timelords in them. Hynes also featured in a two part story, 'Human Nature/'The Family Of Blood', which featured a pocket watch in it. What could this mean?- something timelord I guess.

And finally have a look at this:-

David Tennant
Really, from this moment on, the Doctor's card is marked. Because when we come back in "The Waters of Mars", it's all become a little bit darker.
Julie Gardner
And as we know, David, he really does knock four times.
Yeah, absolutely, and if you think you've figured out what that means, you're wrong!
But when you do figure it out, it's a sad day.

Its getting darker thats one thing we can count on. Keep counting those days!

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