Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Vote Saxon!

Would you vote Saxon? The name, ‘Mr Saxon’ first appeared in a newspaper headline, in ‘Love & Monsters’ series 2. It then continued through to 2006 in ‘The Runaway Bride’, where it was learnt to be the new story arc word for series 3.

However it was not until near the end of series in which we found out exactly who the mysterious Mr Saxon was. It was explained in ‘the sound of drums’, that Mr Saxon was the new prime minster of England. Who actually was Mr Saxon? Mr Saxon was the Master!

Saxon (The Master) managed to send subliminal messages encoded in the sound of drums to enable British citizens to trust him and so then vote for him. After a year in charge, the Doctor had been aged by the Master; however Martha was able to get the remaining population to physically connect with the Doctor and so helped him to de- age and over power the Master; though the Master was actually stopped by his wife- Lucy Saxon, who shot him. But was killing the Master part of their plan?

Could the Master be returning? Have a look at this video:

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