Thursday, 21 May 2009

Why The 'T' in Russel T Davies?

It has been claimed by the sun, that Russel T Davies maybe heading to Hollywood to inquire about a possible Doctor Who movie. Its most likly rumours but known the less it could be true.

Lets have a look at Davies career with 10 facts about him.

1) Russell T Davies (Stephen Russel Davies)
, OBE was born on 27th April 1963
2) He is a critically acclaimed Welsh television producer and writer.
3) He is best known for his critical serials such as Queer as Folk and The Second Coming, and for leading the revival of the Doctor Who series.
4) From Doctor Who he also created the series spin offs, The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures and Torchwood.
5) Davies was born in a suburb of Swansea, Sketty, where he went to Olchfa School.
6) After he joined the BBC team, he decided to take the in-house director's course.
7) Around this time he started adding the 'T' to his name to distinguise himself from the well known radio presenter, Russel Davies.
8) From 1988- 1992, he was a producer for summertime activity show Why Don't You? which strangly showcased different things children could do rather than watch the T.V.
9) At this time he made his first writing jobs for television, scripting the 'The Flashing Blade' and also wtote three episodes for 'Chucklevision'.
10) On 20 May 2008 it was announced that Davie's role as Lead Writer and Executive Producer of Doctor Who would end in 2009, and that he is to be replaced by Steven Moffat.

Do you think Russel T Davies has been the key to Doctor Who's sucess? Please leave a comment.

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