Thursday, 5 June 2008

Ep 17 & 18 The End of Time

Tennant is leaving Doctor Who at the end of this year. To mark is exit the DW team have produced to a series of special episodes, which are planned to lead up to Tennant's finale. Looking at the spoiler pictures below, it looks as if the final is going to be great. Take a look below, I dare you.

Scene 7:

We start our spoiler tour with probably the last ever scene that Rose and Jackie will appear in. Strangely the scene is shot before Rose had even seen The Doctor.
It seems as if Rose & Jackie are having a bit of an argument.

What ever the problem was, it seems as if they have made up.
We then see the Doctor, who is hiding behind the corner; he seems to be in a bit of pain whilst Rose walks past. Could this scene actually be near to the end of the finale, but is put at the beginning to set the scene; we will probably be shown the events leading up to this moment.

Rose and the Doctor have a short conversation. She asks him whether he is alright, which he replies to by saying What year is it? She tells him it is 2005.
The Doctor then tells her that she will have a really good year- probably because its the year she will meet him.

Scene Number Unknown:
Whats Ood Sigma doing here?
No set reports, just this picture. Top secret then! Ood Sigma has his red eyes- makes him look scary. This will be The Doctor's second a counter after seeing him in the Waters Of mars.

Scene 47:
'Sparrow Lane Days Out For Over 50's.'
Wilf appears in his Antlers , stopping the bus.

Here is a video of the scene:

We then see June Witfiled appear.

Scene Number Unknown:
'London Credit bank'
The Doctor appears with Wilf at the Bank. Could they be investigating something?

Scene Number Unknown:

Looks like Donna has been shopping!

Donna is given a Parking Ticket, not a good idea. She tells the Warden not to touch that car!
Looks like Wilf was actually with Donna and maybe saw the Doctor. I'm puzzled?

Scene Number Unknown:
The Doctor appears at Wilf's has, throwing a stone at Wilf to gain his attention.
Wilf sees the TARDIS and begins to panic that Donna will see it.
The Doctor tells Wilf, "I lost him!" Asking Wilf whether he has seen anything unusual. Wilf tells The Doctor that Donna had a funny turn when she saw the book.

The book they are tooking about is the one pictured below called 'Fighting For The Future'.

The same book is pictured on the side of the bus from 'Planet Of The Dead' and the author of the book appears later on in the spoiler pics.
Scene Number Unknown:
In the video below we see the Doctor, Sylvia and Wilf exit their house through the back.
Wilf enters the TARDIS.
Sylvia shouts to The Doctor telling him to bring her farther back.
Donna then appears asking her mother what she is shouting at.

She doesn't appear to have noticed the TARDIS whilst telling her mother, "Are you shouting at thin air mother?"

Scene Number Unknown:
The following filming was taken in the streets of Hayes.
We are very looking for this scene as we have access to a fantastic report by Eeeyon:
They began close up on the Christmas star at the top of the tree, tilting down to take in the Salvation Army band, and then pulling out wider and panning round to see a small girl with her mummy and daddy meeting Santa Claus and other shoppers mingling and passing by…
The shot steadily moved down towards the street, eventually picking out Wilf who was dawdling through the busy street with some Christmas shopping – he seemed very much lost in thought.As he approached the Salvation Army band his attention seemed to be drawn to them (or something in that direction) where more thoughts seemed to fill his head, then he muttered to himself for a moment, coming to some kind of conclusion, before walking off out the right side of frame.
We see Wilf pictured below:

Scene 130:
Filming at Tredger House for a formal occasion. Maybe a wedding reception or some other form of celebration; however strangely being guarded by Black Clad Guards in cameo gear.
Scene Number Unknown:
A lot of filming took place inside but more significant than that is the picture below, which has brought up debate of whether it is John Simms (Who played the Master in 2007) or not. What are your thoughts?
Scene Number Unknown:
In this scene we see all the guests running out of Tredger house on to the grounds in a huge panic, screaming. One of them is called Joshua and falls to the ground on his knees looking up at the sky in shock. We known that someone was reportedly tied up in chair inside the building.
The women above with Joshua is called Abigail. She stays with him for a second then runs away.

Scene Number Unknown:
In the following scene a huge wind machine was being used to create the effect of a spaceship landing on the lawn.
Scene Number Unknown:
As well as all the excitement of the spaceship and the screaming guests, there was a short scene filmed with The Doctor and Wilf in the stables. At the end they both run out looking worried.
Scene Number Unknown:
At the Noble's we see the TARDIS standing in the rain whilst The Doctor talks to Wilf. Just before leaving The Doctor tells Wilf, "This is not the end, we will meet again!" Wilf replies by asking the Doctor where he is going. The Doctor says, "I am of for my revenge!"

Scene 139:
A scene was filmed where Sylvia and her neighbours look up to the sky.

Scene 153:
Luke is walking across the road when all of a sudden a car comes at him; fortunately The Doctor grabs Luke and saves him just in time. A close shave!

Luke realises who has just saved him saying, "Its you!"

Luke runs over the road shouting to his mum.
Luke tells his mum it was the Doctor. They see him enter the TARDIS.

As he enters the TARDIS he waves to her, which then is followed by her crying.
Scene 155:
Set in present day Earth, an author called Verity Newman is signing her book, 'A Journal Of Impossible Things'.
The next customer to want there book signed is the Doctor. He speaks with her for a while keeping a stern face, then walks away.
But what is the book? We have scene it before in Human Nature/ Family of Blood. So could the book have been passed down through a family?

Scene Number Unknown:
There were reports of Donna shouting, "I'm Scared, I'm scared!"

Scene 147:
There was a scene filmed where Sylvia appeared to be half sad, half happy. Her neighbours seem to look happy. There were reports of a fire ball coming towards Earth. Maybe this scene shows it has not hit Earth?

(The pictures and scene order above, will most likely not be in the correct under.)

All the pictures and set reports are owned by the following people. I would like to say a huge thanks to these guys for their fantastic work:
Scootys photo bucket account
Brigade Leaders photo bucket account

Bring On Christmas!

(Do you have any ideas that may happen in the final? If so leave a comment below.)


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that the master is crossing the doctor's old timelines trying to change various events?

The Key To Time said...
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The Key To Time said...

It would be interesting if the Master did try changing the Doctor's timeline. It would be similar to the episode 'Turn Left'.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. The master was shot. End of series 3. How can he come back? I know it's Doctor Who and the impossible become possible but he died. We saw it. And he didn't regenerate.

The Key To Time said...

Did you see the woman pick up his ring? That could be how he comes back.