Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dalton To Be Intergalatic Judge & The Master?

Wales Online have published an article on Bond star, Dalton, appearing in Tennant's Doctor Who Finale as an intergalactic judge. Click Here to view the article. However there is good evidence on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) that Delton is actually the Master as well as Simms being the Master. Maybe he poses as an intergalactic judge to trap The Doctor and then revels he is actually the Master! Click Here To See Dalton being listed as the Master on IMDB.

Tonight I will right a 10 fact post about Dalton, so we can get some background information on him.

(Timothy Delton is pictured on the left next to Tennant

So what do you think, Master, Intergalactic Judge or both? Very confusing.

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