Tuesday, 2 June 2009

If you had a TARDIS where would you go?

The TARDIS is the key to Doctor Who; without it there wouldn't be a show. If you could use the TARDIS ,where would you go? The Doctor mostly goes wherever the TARDIS takes him and rarely goes anywhere personal apart from in Farthers day when Rose saw her farther.

Below are the top 5 things I would visit. Please leave a comment on the top places or time you would visit with the TARDIS- The possibilties are endless.

I would go and see what I am in the future and how my life has changed.

2) I would go and see what my parents were like when they were younger; what they were like at school and wether they were naughty.

3) I would go to the time of Jesus to see what really happened to him and if he was real.

4) I would go forward to the day I died, just to see who turns up at my funeral.

5) I would go into the future about two hundered years from now to see how the Earth has changed.

(Please leave a comment about where you would go.)

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