Monday, 8 June 2009

Jack Is The Face Of Boe?

The Face of Boe is a charactor in Doctor Who, who was portayed on screen as a huge mechanical, human-like head. The Face of Boe first appeared in "The End of the World", communicated telepathically in "New Earth" and spoke for the last time in "Gridlock". The Face was voiced by Struan Rodger.

In New Earth the Doctor is told by The Face's nurse that the Face will reveal his greatest secret to "one like himself", "A wanderer without a home" which refers to the Doctor.

His final appearance sore the Face of Boe using his life force to power the under city of New New York, which was sealed off from the rest of the planet to save the only survivors from the now-extinct virus. With the Doctor's help the Face of Boe uses the last of his power to unlock the under city. The Face of Boe reveals his great secret to the Doctor: "You are not alone." The Doctor tells his companion, Martha Jones, that the Face of Boe must be mistaken, but it is later revealed that there is indeed another Time Lord — the Master has survived the Time War. This then sees the Face die.

In the episode "The End of the World" it is revealed that the Face of Boe was pregnanat with "Baby Boemina", though they must have died of as in "New Earth" it is stated that he is the last f his species.

In "The Last Of The Timelords" it was revealed that The Face of Boe maybe the immortal time traveller Captain Jack Harkness. Jack expresses concern about how he might look if he lives "for a million years", because although he can't die, he is still aging, slowly. He tells Martha & The Doctor that he "used to be a poster boy when he was a kid in the Boeshane Peninsula", as "the first one ever to be signed up for the Time Agency," earning him the name the Face of Boe.

Strangely in the episode "Utopia", Martha mentions the Face of Boe to the Doctor in front of Captain Jack, who seemed to have ignored the statement. In the same episode, the Doctor states that Jack's existence, as he was when he was revived by Rose, had been locked into the fabric of time and space. RTD said its "A Theory" in which Julie Gardener urged him to "stop back-pedalling"

What's your opinion? Is Jack The Face of Boe or is it just a trick of RTD's?

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