Friday, 17 July 2009

10 Reasons Why the Classic Series Is Better Than the New

I was just looking for some Doctor Who videos on YouTube and I found this one. It lists a load of reasons why the Classic Doctor Who series was better than the current new one. I have listed some below, but make sure you watch the video and give credit to davros667788 for the ideas and reasons. You can view the original video by clicking here.

  1. There was no time war, which meant we were able to see episodes set on Gallifrey (The Planet of the Timelords) and Skaro.
  2. There was no Torchwood. (Unit was much better than it is now.)
  3. The spin offs were descent such as 'The Autons Trilogy' and 'Shakedown: The return of the Sontarans'.
  4. The Doctor had an anger level for humans.
  5. More violence and deaths on screen.
  6. Not much emotion for companions.
  7. The seasons had quests like, 'The Key to time' season. (This sites name!)
  8. The titles had the face of the Doctor in them.
  9. The next time trailers release too many spoilers.
  10. The Sonic screw driver was better.

Do you agree with the points above? Has the time war wrecked the new series from the outset? New or classic, which is your favourite?

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