Sunday, 12 July 2009

9 Facts About Lindsay Duncan

Torchwood was amazing! Very sad though especially when Frobisher killed his family and Jack kind of killed his grandson, but putting all that a side it really did touch you. Some of the best TV I have seen for a long time. Miles better in my opinion than POTD.

Anyway lets look forward to November to 'The Waters of Mars'! First Fact file, Lindsay Duncan, who will be playing the Doctor's guest companion Adelaide.

1) Lindsay Vere Duncan, born 7 November 1950 is a Scottish television and stage actress.

2) She has a CBE (Order Of The British Empire) and won the Tony Award for private lives.

3) Her farther served in the army for 21 years and she is currently married to fellow Scottish actor Hilton Mc Rae, who she has one son with.

4) Duncan studied at London's Central School of Speech and Drama, which lead to her first television production in 1980, after performing in a few theatre roles.

5) Through out the 1990's, Lindsay continued to appear in prestigious screen and stage productions.

6) In the 1999 TV version of Oliver Twist, Duncan portrayed Elizebeth Leeford.

7) Her recent work has included, playing Servilia Caepionis in the 2005 HBO-BBC series Rome and she played Elizabeth, in the TV film Longford.

8) In an interview with the BBC, on 29th January 2009, Lindsay Duncan revealed she would be playing Alice's mother in Tim Burton's upcoming film Alice in Wonderland.

9) On 19 February 2009, it was announced by the BBC that Duncan would join the Doctor in the 'Waters of Mars' being cast as Adelaide. (The Doctor 's guest companion for that special.)

Will Duncan shine as Adelaide or not, what do you think?


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