Friday, 24 July 2009

A Blast From The Past

Series 5 will not hit our screens until 2010, but we already have a few ideas of who may return. Who will we see return in series 5? Using what the newspapers have said and what seems likely, plus filming pictures; I have complied a least below of who I think will return for series 5.

River Song- Confirmed- We have seen filming picture of the mysterious River Song, who in series 5 we may finally find out really who she is and what she means to the Doctor. It seems likely she will appear in the 'Crash Of Byzantium', which was mentioned in series 4 and a filming picture shows a sheet with 'Byzantium' on it.

The Daleks- Unconfirmed- It was reported last month that this iconic Doctor Who Monster would be one of the first monsters that Matt Smith's 11th Doctor would face. According to the Star they brought back the Daleks to mark Matt Smith's Take over. Likelihood of a return 4/10- they have been in every series of the new Who.

The Rani- Unconfirmed- Similarly to the Daleks returning the Rani's return may well be something the newspapers have cooked up, but with a name being but to the role there maybe some truth in it. The Rani is a Time lord just like The Master and The Doctor, but she is an evil Scientific genius. Likelihood of a return 7/10- I can see this defiantly happening.

Ice Warriors- Rumoured- The Ice Warriors have been rumoured to appear in 'The Waters Of Mars', but that doesn't look likely to happening. So does it mean there is a higher possibility of seeing a return in series 5. Hopefully, its always good to see a Classic 'Who' monster be given a makeover for the new series. Liklyhood of happening 6/10- The fans want them back

The Doctor's Daughter (Jenny) - Unconfirmed- Last seen in series 4, The Doctor saw his genetic daughter be born and die all in the same day, but he didn't get to see her regenerate from the dead. It seems as though a return of Jenny would be a very likely case since the ending of, 'The Doctor's Daughter' left it wide open for Dad and daughter to be reunited in series 5. Likelihood of happening 8/10- She must return!

Who else would you like to see return? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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