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Doctor Who At Comic Con 26/07/09 UPDATED

Notes from Comic Con 26/07/09- (Source Digital Spy)

> During the day clips were shown from 'Planet of the Dead' and the upcoming Christmas special, which will feature Tennant's final days as the Doctor. The clip began with the voice over, 'Bad Dreams'. There were shots of Donna, Wilf and a man in a black cape, which turned out to be the master. Another voice over said, ' He Returns' followed by, 'The End Of Time', Christmas 2009. Could the end of time be the name of Tennant's final episode?

> When the possibilty of a Doctor Who moive was brought up, Julie Gardner said, "there is not going to be any announcement about a Who movie."But what it's made us think is that it might be a good idea to do it at some point." She then asked the audience wether it was something they wanted which was followed by huge cheers.

> DT was asked wether he would ever return as the other Doctor and said, "There are no plans, but anything can happen!" He also said "Well, nothing's planned, no one knows what might happen. But, well, 2013 is the 50th anniversary, isn't it? NO! Wait! That's not an announcement! Don't twitter that!"

> RT confirmed that the Sarah Jane episode staring DT would be called 'The Wedding Of Sarah Jane'. (Two-parter)

> Davies was asked whether he would continue with Torchwood. "I hope so. We were astonished by the success of that last series. I really, really hope so. I can't give you a promise because I haven't had the meetings with the right people yet. Also there's a recession going on. It will be back, but maybe the ones you want back won't be back. It will be back in some shape or form."

> Tennant gives his opinion on Matt Smith. "I've chatted to Matt a couple times and he's very enthused and quite clearly going to be brilliant. Which is annoying. He's such a talent, there is nobody in Britain who has worked with Matt who doesn't rave about him. They have nothing but praise to lavish on him, so I don't think he needs any advice from me really."

> Bonus clip from 'The Waters Of Mars'; The Doctor: "Certain moments in time are fixed. This place on Mars, what happens here, must always happen." Lindsay Duncan: "Don't even touch it, not one drop."

(Doctor Who Panel Over. Come back later for Torchwood panel.)

(Source Digital Spy)

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