Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Torchwood's Makarem Bags Emmerdale Role

He wasn't in Torchwood for long being killed on the 1st day, but Rik Makarem played a key role as Doctor Rupesh Patanjali. His character worked at St Helens hospital in Cardiff, originally from the Midlands, who found himself in the presence of Jack and Ianto removing an alien object from a patient of his. We later find out He is working for law enforcer, Johnson, who had ordered him to get inside Torchwood. However he was killed by Johnson when the plan was changed, along with Jack.

Now Torchwood is finished Rik Makarem has moved on in his TV career and has bagged a role on ITV's Emmerdale, as Nikil, a young budding entrepreneur who manges a local confectionery factory.

He commented on his character by saying, "Nikhil is a fiercely ambitious and determined individual, but having lived in the shadow of his brother in the past, he has an indomitable spirit and drive to make the factory a success. He's very quick-witted and extremely protective of his younger sister. I'm really looking forward to filming my first scenes later this month."

Will you be watching Makaren in his new role on Emmerdale or will you be sticking to Sifi?
(Source Digital Spy)

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