Saturday, 30 May 2009

1 Day To Vote For Blog Of The Month!

A month has gone by so fast and as we mark the end of May, we also mark the end of this months poll. Have you voted yet, if you haven't make sure you get your votes in on time. Who is your favourite companion? Donna Noble is running away with the win stealing it from Rose, who was the early leader.

As well as the companion poll, our partner site, 'The Time Awards', poll for this month best Doctor Who blog, is nearly finished. Have you got a favourite Doctor Who blog that is listed in the poll, if so vote for it. Life, the universe and combom is currently leading followed by The Tardis News room and Doctor Who fan site- Emma. A part from Planet Gallifrey, the other sites have got know votes. Get your vote in before the time runs out.

The Time Awards, rewarding those who deserve it!

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