Saturday, 30 May 2009

What Is The Best Tool On The Planet?

I have a very easy answer to that question, the Sonic Screwdriver. Its best feature is its ability of being able to operate any lock. It can also be used to repair things and can even be used as a weapon. I never new a screw driver would be able to do all those things.

In Doctor Who, the Sonic Screw driver made its first appearance in 'Fury from the Deep'. From that point on it was used as a multi purpose tool.

Who invented the Sonic Screw Driver? The BBC claim to have come up with the idea; however, ownership of the concept was claimed by Pemberton, who later told an interviewer for Doctor Who Magazine, "I'm very cross that the sonic screwdriver — which I invented — has been marketed with no credit to myself. ... It's one thing not to receive any payment, but another not to receive any credit."

At the start of the new Doctor Who series, a completely redesigned sonic screwdriver featured, with a glowing blue light and sound affects. The prop used in the new series was notoriously fragile and was prone to breaking at the slightest strain.

The device 'Sonic' has featured in other Doctor Who items like Sarah Jane's 'Sonic' lipstick, Jack's 'Sonic' Blaster and of course there is The Master's 'Laser' Screw Driver.

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Ro Lean said...

It would be gr8 to own one of these (for real)!! And if Pemberton did come up with the idea then it's a shame he hasn't been rewarded in some way :)

Superb post :)

The Key To Time said...

Yer it would be really useful owning a sonic screwdriver!