Sunday, 31 May 2009

Only 3 Hours Until Blog Of The Month Is Decided

Doctor Who has brought in so many fans over the years and with it, it has brought fans that want to go that bit further to get that spoiler or piece of news. These fans that go that bit further need rewarding. So I have created a reward system to reward Doctor Who Blog site makers.

The Time Awards works in conjunction with the key to time, to bring a poll system, which allows voters to vote for their favourite site that month. It has only just started this month, but already there is quite a bit of action. The TARDIS Newsroom is currently holding a huge 50% stake of the vote, stealing it from Friday's leader, Life The Universe & Combom. Make sure you get your vote in on time.

(If you have a site and it has come in the top 4, then if I can find an email for you or some way of contact; I will send a notification of where you have come and if it is first a certificate, which you can display in a post, on your site or just keep for your self, will be emailed to you.

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