Sunday, 24 May 2009

All DW Monsters Coming Back For Specials?

Originally in Stolen Earth, Russell T Davies had planned to film a scene with all the monsters from the new series appearing in the Shadow Proclamation. Unfortunately dew to time and cost, the scene was never created.

However is there a chance we could see it in the last specials of this year. I think it is very likely. We have evidence supporting it, in the original plans for Stolen Earth, Margret Slitheen was supposed to say a line in it, but this line was never used, though it was saved for future episodes.

There is also filming pictures which could link to a possible shadow proclamation scene.

And finally we never found out what would have happened to the Doctor after he violated a direct command from the woman who seemed to be the head of the Shadow Proclamation. I'm sure in the specials or the next series the Judoon or the albino people will hunt the doctor down for his punishment.

The Stolen Earth Shadow Proclamation was supposed to consist of many more different species of aliens, including law-abiding Raxacoricofallapatorians, an 8ft Adipose, Vespiforms, Graskes, Krillitane,Hath and Sycorax. Imagine an 8ft Adipose!

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