Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Best Of The New Doctor Who

I didn’t start watching Doctor who until series 2, however I have watched all of the new series episodes and I have managed to select my favorite episodes. Series 1 was a great start to Doctor Who, with in my opinion The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances being the best episode(s), since it was probably one of the more scary Doctor Who episodes of the series. I thought it was great. Series 2 had some great episodes, but series 3 clinched it for me. Blink and Human Nature/ Family of Blood were fantastic episodes with both really grabbing all my attention, keeping me transfixed on the screen; finally one episode of series 4 shone for me; it had to be Planet of the Ood, since the episode showed a real diverse story and some strong feelings in it. However the big question is, what it your favorite episodes of Doctor who, including the classic series? Please leave a comment below or in the C-Box. Share your thoughts and opinions.

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