Thursday, 4 June 2009

16609 Days Gone By.....

Time goes by so quickly. Its now 334 days since the last episode of series 4, Journey's End, was broad casted in the UK. Since the start of the new Doctor Who series 1531 days have passed and since the 1st episode of the Classic Doctor Who series, An Unearthly Child, 16609 days and 398631 hours have passed.

Series 4 was spread across 4 months from 5th April 2008 to 5th July 2008, but series 1 began earlier on 26 March 2005 to 18 June 2005.

To finish of lets have a look to the future. Torchwood Children Of Earth will air on 20th of July this year, which is 45 days and 1087 hours away. The Waters Of Mars will probably air on 27th November which is 175 days away. Even further away is episode 17, most likely Christmas Day, is 203 days away followed by another week until episode 18- most likely new years day.

Quite a while to wait, all good fun!

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