Friday, 5 June 2009

Daleks Or The Master?

The Daleks have always been the Doctors most prominent enemy, appearing in all of the new Doctor Who series; The Master has also been a big enemy of the Doctor's but does the Dalek's featureless bodies mull out the evil of the Master?

As we all know The Master is the most likely enemy of the Doctor's to return for Tennant's finale, but some think John Simm's take on The Master doesn't make him suited to being the Doctors worst enemy.

The daleks on the other hand are an iconic menace of the Doctor, with most kids seeming to prefer the daleks as the Doctor's worest enemy. The Dalek's iconic words 'Exterminate' stick in kids minds in a similar why to that of the cybermen's 'Delete!' The unusual body of the Daleks takes kids out of their comfort zones making them feel more scarred about the Daleks than the Masters ordinary human appearance.

However personally I loved John Simm's take on The Master and the episodes staring him. He gave a new take on the roles and in my mind gave it some strong personality. But biggest question is do you prefer The Daleks or The Master? Please leave a comment in the C-box.

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