Friday, 12 June 2009

Series 5- Daleks To Return!

There have been reports of a possible return of the Daleks for series 5. The Daleks will reportedly be one of Matt Smith's first enemy's he will face, once starting his position as the Doctor.

According to the Daily Star the BBC have brought back the Daleks to mark Smiths take over. Since it will mostly likely take fans a while to gel with Smith, bringing back the Daleks is a good choice, since they are the Doctor's most famous and powerful enemy. Is it right to bring the Daleks back so early in Smith's rein?


Jonnie said...

I wouldn't like to see this happen, the Dalek's are great (of course!) but for the first episode for Doctor 11, no thanks!!
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The Key To Time said...

If the Daleks keep returning to often it will take the spark out of their character.