Tuesday, 30 June 2009

TARDIS Newsroom has done it again!

Voting is over and the results are in; the TARDIS Newsroom has done it again. Votes have been flying in from all angles with Life, The Universe & Combom taking an early lead, which was stolen by Doctor Who fansite- Emma and then finnally taken by TARDIS Newsroom yet again to clinch the win. A very well deseved win for the TARDIS Newsroom. Next months voting will include some new sites and a new voting system.

1) Tardis Newsroom
2) Doctor Who Fansite- Emma
3) Planet Gallifrey
4) Bad Wolf TV
5) Life, The Universe & Combom
6 )Radio Doctor Who
6) Doctor Who Time Vortex
6) Fanatical For Who
6 )Children Of The Tardis
6) Doctor Who Fansite

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