Tuesday, 30 June 2009

June Is Over!

June has come and gone, this months poll has finished and Torchwood Children of Earth begins next week. Lots happening but lets get back to this months poll; the question was 'Which of the following ‘Who’ characters would make the best Prime Minister or President?

An incredible amount of votes came in. It seems the topic brought up a lot of opinions, but there was only one clear winner- Donna Noble, the super temp from Chesick. 127 votes were received and 105 of them were for Donna. A huge lead. But what would make her a super prime minster?

Donna is a funny, loud person, but best of all she has a very kind heart. This side of her character was best shown when she saw the Ood in the cage watching them and seeing the pain they were going through. The closes competition to Donna was the Face Of Boe and The Master.

We have already seen the Master in action as a leader and well he certainly made his mark. His cruel ideas brought the human race back into slavery and he only showed one passion and that was for his self. Some people even voted for the Daleks. If you voted for the Daleks leave a comment to why you did.

July's poll will begin tomorrow and don't forget to vote for July's Blog of the month in the Time awards.

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