Monday, 6 July 2009

BBC 3 to BBC 2 to BBC 1 & BBC HD

Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for. Torchwood Children of Earth opens its doors to begin it's epic 5 day short series. We have followed the show on a journey over the last 3 years, from BBC 3 to BBC 2 and now to BBC 1, whilst also being available on BBC HD at 9.00pm. The show has always been targeted at adults due to some of its content and this time it seems as though it will bring it barriers that bit further up, giving it even more of a grown up feeling.

Bring in a conspiring government, a mysterious alien race and spooky children repeating the phrase 'We are coming', it looks like Torchwood S3 really will be the show stopper it has been hyped up to be! But who are the 456?

Watch Torchwood Children of Earth on BBC 1 and BBC HD at 9.00pm to find out who the 456 really are.


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