Monday, 22 June 2009

What Is The Highest Rated Doctor Who Episode?

Do you know what was is the highest rated Doctor Who episode? 14.5 Million People watched what could be the best ever Doctor Who Episode- well lets say the most watched Doctor Who Episode.

'While taking in the sights of Paris in 1979, the Doctor and Romana sense that someone is tampering with time. Who is the mysterious Count Scarlioni? Why does he seem to have counterparts scattered through time? And just how many copies of the Mona Lisa did Leonardo da Vinci paint?'

Have you guessed what episode it is? 'City Of death', was and still is the most watched Doctor Who episode. The closest a new series episode has come to 14.5 million viewers is 'Voyage Of The Damned', which manged 13.2 million people. So what made 'City Of Death' so special?

The episode was one of Tom Baker's best- the story was strong with a good plot, including well thought out humour. It is the case of everything coming together seamlessly to make a perfect episode.

Want to see the episode for yourself? Click here to buy the DVD or click here to view more Doctor Who Episode ratings.

Sadly the lowest rated Doctor Who episode was titled, 'Battlefield' and only manged 3.65 million viewers. What made that episode so lowly rated?

Totally Sifi gave the episode this review:
Battlefield is an incoherent mess, both in its original four-part broadcast version and the new, movie-length re-edited ‘special edition’ included on this DVD. It’s clear there is simply no saving this story. (Click Here for the full review)

What Is your favourate ever Doctor Who episode? Lets us know in a comment below.

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