Monday, 27 July 2009

Is this Harriot Jones?

There are quite a few people who think that Harriot Jones, former Prime Minister of England, makes a brief appearance in 'The End Of Time' Trailer. I have to say the woman in it looks very similar. Hopefully a better quality trailer will be released so that we can know for sure whether it is or isn't her. If you remember the last time we saw her was in 'The Stolen Earth' where she sacrificed her life by giving her location up to the Daleks. The last we see of her is the Daleks screaming 'exterminate' at her. Do you think its is Harriot Jones or not?


Anonymous said...

Its Lucy Saxon.

FanaticalWhovian said...

I think its the hair that makes me see Harriet but yea I agree its probably Lucy..or someone else entirely. the quality is to crap to say for sure.