Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Would You Travel With The Doctor?

Its a cold winters night. Your fast a sleep, dreaming of the world outside your door, of space and beyond. You are suddenly woken up by a mysterious noise. You creep down your stairs, following, the the noise as it begins to fade.

Knock, knock! You ask yourself; "who is it?" You slowly pull back your door...

"Hello I'm the Doctor. I can take you to places you can only imagine in your dreams. To planets where the most beautiful creatures live, I can show you the smallest to the biggest planets and i can travel in time. Will you travel with me?"

"Erm, I ...................."

What would your answer be? I know the doctor doesn't turn up at any random door and ask the occupant weather they will travel with him, but imagine if he turned up at your door and asked you. Would you be scared or excited? Could you leave your family to travel with a stranger you have only just met and hardly know?

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1 comment:

FanaticalWhovian said...

Um..yea.. but I would make him promise to bring me back soon after we left so noone would miss me. How could turn him down! I keep hoping he is some how real (with tens face..lol) and will show up in my livingroom.